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Vastu Tips: Where Should You Face While Eating? Check Out the right direction here

Discover Vastu Shastra's ancient wisdom for your eating area. Learn about the proper direction to face when eating according to Vastu rules to create a balanced and happy environment in your house.

Vastu Tips: Eating is a very important part of our lives and vastu effects eating also because eating healthy is necessary for a better life. According to Vastu, it is also critical that we eat our food while facing in the appropriate direction. When we eat in the incorrect way, we risk developing a variety of health issues. Similarly, it is stated that if one wants positive results in their life, they must be mindful of whatever way they are looking when eating their food. So, how does one know which way to face when eating is correct?

How to know the right direction?

According to Vastu Shastra, we should eat while facing a certain direction, because every direction is associated with energy. If we eat while facing the correct way, the energies will work in our favour; otherwise, things may go wrong for us. Let’s see what happens when you consume your meal while facing different directions.

East: Eating with your back to the sun might help you relax. The brain is claimed to be invigorated, and your food is absorbed properly, which will help you stay healthy. Eating in this approach is extremely good for the elderly and the sick.

North: If you eat facing north, you will receive a large amount of money, knowledge, and spiritual strength. Sitting in the north direction will assist you in advancing in your job, especially if you are young or a student.

West: It is considered favourable to eat while sitting in the west direction, especially if you are in business because eating while facing this direction will bring you profit.

South: Avoid sitting in the direction of Yama, especially if your parents are still living. You should also avoid eating in this direction.

The dining room should face west

At the same time, the orientation of your dining area in your home will heavily influence the way you will face when eating. Your dining room should face west in your home, according to Vastu Shastra. It is seen to be auspicious and beneficial. Eating while facing this direction can result in excellent health, and there will be enough food and other valuables.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is recommended to eat your meals facing east or northeast. Eating meals towards the east helps to eliminate ailments and mental tension.

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