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Vastu Tips: Where Should You Have Your Washrooms? Rules to Follow To Avoid Negativity in Life

Vastu Shastra reveals tips to follow in the bathroom that leads to maximum positivity flow in life

Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Bathrooms are an essential part of any house. Not only are they a necessity, but their right layout can bring positive energy to the house. According to Hindu traditions, Vastu Shastra, there are a few layout rules to follow when building a bathroom. These range from colour and lighting to direction and mirrors. Moreover, if not followed, the house will likely be infested with bad luck and negative energy, according to Vastu traditions. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind for bathrooms in the house.


The direction of the bathroom should be in the north or northwest direction of the house. South directions like southwest and southeast. In the same way, the toilet should also be in the north or northwest direction of the bathroom. Moreover, the bathroom should be kept isolated from the other parts of the house. The electric items and products should be in the southeast direction. The washbasin should be in the north, east or northeast of the room. Along with this, the shower should also be in the north, east or northeast direction. Moreover, the mirror should be placed in the north or east part of the bathroom. The door should also be in the north and east direction


The toilet should be two feet above the floor level at least. The person should face the north or south direction while using it.


A window should be present in the bathroom for the proper flow of energy This also ensures ventilation. Moreover, make sure the windows open outwards


The bathroom furnishing should be ideally in wood. However, the lighting appliances should be metal. Moreover, the bathroom doors should not be of metal either.


The bathroom doors should be kept closed at all times so that the negative energies do not enter the house.


The mirror should be mounted decently high. Low enough the person can see themselves but high enough that it does not reflect the toilet. This can cause bad energies to be invoked. Moreover, a classic 4-sided square or rectangle shape should be kept for mirrors. Along with this, it is necessary to place it above the sink for the balance of energies.

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