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HomeNATIONAnd now Shivraj Patil clarifies Jihad comment. Apologise, says BJP

And now Shivraj Patil clarifies Jihad comment. Apologise, says BJP

Shivraj Patil: Congress leader Shivraj Patil, who found himself in trouble over his comment on Jihad on Thursday, said he did not say Krishna taught jihad lessons to Arjun. “I asked will you call Krishna’s lesson to Arjun jihad?” he said. An aggressive BJP slammed Patil and said he only defended his statement and did not apologise.

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Jihad remark

On Friday former minister and senior Congress leader Shivraj Patil clarified his ‘jihad’ remark and tried to explain what he meant when he said Krishna taught lessons of jihad to Arjun. “Will you call Krishna’s lessons to Arjun jihad? No. That’s what I was saying,” Patil is seen clarifying in a video released by news agency ANI. He also scolded the reporters in the video. “This jihad’s message is what you are saying,” he said and then stopped a journalist who asked a question. He also explained what jihad is according to the Hindu religion and said killing Mahatma Gandhi will be considered jihad.

God is one

Holding Quran Sharif in his hand, Patil said, “This is Quran Sharif. You listen first. It says God is one and it has no form. Christianity and Judaism also say the same thing that God is there but there can’t be any idol. Gita also says God has no colour and no form.”

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Patil stoked a controversy following his remark on Jihad on Thursday. The BJP criticised the Krishna-Arjun jihad link and said Congress has been showing their Hindu hatred steadily — first by coining the phrase ‘Hindu terror’, then by opposing Ram Mandir and comparing Hindutva with ISIS.

The BJP slammed Patil and said the clarification is only a defence of what he said. “After comparing Shri Krishna’s message to Arjun- Holy Geeta with Jihad now Shivraj Patil is defending his statement with excuses rather than outright apology. This shows the statement was not a Sanyog but done for a Votebank prayog on instructions of Congress! Hence they won’t act,” Shehzad Poonawalla said.

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