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Big success of Kejriwal govt.: 72.87% Delhiites prefer Delhi Govt Hospitals over private hospitals

New Delhi: Out of the total population of Delhi, 72.87 percent population is getting treatment in government hospitals and dispensaries, as per the socio-economic survey of the Delhi government conducted between November 2018 and November 2019. The survey revealed that only 27.13 percent of people in Delhi are treated in private hospitals. According to the report, 2.60 percent of the two crore population of the capital has chronic (chronic) diseases. Out of this 2.60 percent population, 50.29 percent are male and 49.71 percent are female. On the classification of people suffering from chronic diseases, 36.33 percent people have diabetes and 21.75 percent people have heart disease, while 9.17 percent people have respiratory diseases and 24. 28 percent of people have arthritis and other types of disease. Diabetes is the highest in the central district of the state with 43.34 percent of the patients being affected by it while the northwestern district has 26.20 percent of heart disease patients. The northern district has the highest 11.56 percent of respiratory disease patients.

0.80 percent of people have disabilities
Among those surveyed, 0.80 percent of people are differently-abled. Of the total disabled people, 33.43 percent have a disability certificate, out of which 50 percent of people are availing the financial assistance provided by the Delhi Government. At the same time, 77.54 percent of children in the age group of 0-5 years are undergoing vaccination.

69.80 percent of people use public transport
The Socio-Economic Survey report has revealed that 69.80 percent of the people in the capital Delhi use buses, charter buses, metro, and public transport to go to work. Private cars are used by 0.32 percent of people. According to the report, 11.15 percent of the people in the capital use cabs, e-rickshaws, or taxis. 15.44 percent of the people in the capital use private two-wheelers (motorcycles or scooters) to go to work. Two-wheeler is the most used vehicle in the three districts of the capital. 21. 51 percent in the Shahdara district, 18.37 percent in the eastern district, and 16.54 percent in the western district use private two-wheelers

Increase in metro use
10.89 percent of the people of the New Delhi area use the metro. 68.34 percent of the women in the capital using public transport (bus), 14.69 percent of the women use autos or e-rickshaws. At the same time, 6.78 percent of women use private two-wheelers and 6.74 percent of women travel by metro.

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