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Celestial Showdown! India Awaits Stunning Lunar Eclipse 2023 on October 28-29; Everything You Must Know

Prepare for a celestial show on October 28 as a partial moon eclipse illuminates the Indian night sky.

Lunar Eclipse 2023: Two weeks after a solar eclipse, on October 28, a lunar eclipse is scheduled to take place. This partial lunar eclipse will be visible from everywhere in India starting at 11:31 p.m. on October 28.”

Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon Connection

Lunar eclipses happen when the moon is full, according to NASA data. Over the course of several hours, the Moon gradually becomes duller and occasionally becomes dramatically redder as a result of the Earth’s shadow being projected onto the lunar surface when it is precisely positioned between the Moon and the Sun. You can see every lunar eclipse from half of the planet. A lunar eclipse brings to light a number of widely held myths and beliefs. Among these ideas are skipping meals and sleep, as well as bathing following the eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse and Pregnancy Myths

Another myth is that pregnant women may be affected by a lunar eclipse, which could result in blindness if seen with the unaided eye. Furthermore, some people think that injuries sustained during a moon eclipse may heal more slowly and leave permanent scars.

Partial Lunar Eclipse in India

Around midnight, a partial lunar eclipse is predicted to be visible throughout India. When the Earth passes between the sun and the full moon, this phenomenon occurs. On Saturday, October 28, the eclipse is scheduled to begin and last until October 29. The eclipse is expected to last one hour and 19 minutes, with the umbral phase beginning on October 29 at 01:05 am IST and ending at 02:24 am IST. Reports state that the eclipse will begin in India at about 11:31 p.m. but on October 28 at midnight, the moon will pass into the penumbra.

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