‘India’s True Face Hidden,’ Rahul Gandhi on Slum Clearance Ahead of G20 Summit

Rahul Gandhi

G20 Summit: Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, claimed on Saturday that visitors were not being shown the true state of the nation. Taking to his official X handle, Rahul Gandhi wrote, “GOI is hiding our poor people and animals.” “There is no need to hide India’s reality from our guests,” he added.

Wildlife Concerns and Slum Removal Precede G20 Visit to Rajghat

Rahul Gandhi made his statement the day after the Delhi Police requested assistance from local organisations to reduce the threat of monkeys and dogs in and around Rajghat in central Delhi on Friday, before to the visit of G20 delegates to the Mahatma Gandhi memorial. Numerous slums were reportedly removed by police, who also requested that agencies hire snake catchers. In addition, it was requested that the agency send out personnel to capture dogs and monkeys when the delegates were visiting Rajghat. According to news agency PTI, patrolling was also taking place in the Yamuna Khadar region. Despite the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s (MCD) denial that the summit was a direct cause of the removal of stray dogs, reports cited them as saying that the animals were only being rounded up “on an urgent need basis.” Gandhi is currently on a nearly week-long tour of Europe, where he will meet with legislators from the European Union (EU), students, and members of the Indian Diaspora.

Congress and Government Clash Over Kharge’s Exclusion

In the meantime, the Congress party and the government are at odds over Mallikarjun Kharge’s exclusion from the G20 gala dinner. Kharge is the leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha. P Chidambaram, a senior member of the Congress, claimed on Saturday that this could only occur in nations without democracy or an opposition. He said that he hoped that Bharat, or India, had not yet reached a point where democracy and the opposition would no longer exist. Rahul Gandhi claimed on Friday that the administration does not value the leader of 60% of Indians.

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