J&K News: School Headmaster Busted with Foreign-Made Arsenal, Lok Sabha Election 2024 Plot Dismantled!

J&K News

J&K News: In the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday, Qamaruddin, a registered Over-Ground Worker (OGW), was apprehended while performing the duties of a school headmaster. From his home, explosives and a handgun manufactured abroad were found.

Coordinated Operation Unveiled

Following a coordinated operation in the Hari Budha region by the 39 RR of 6 Sector, Romeo Force, JKP, and SOG Poonch, the OGW was taken into custody. From the OGW, two Chinese grenades and one pistol made in Pakistan were taken.

Election Sabotage Plot Uncovered

It is believed that the cargo that was found was intended to sabotage the impending election in the Poonch region. Voting in Jammu and Kashmir will take place over the course of five rounds, with the results being tallied on June 4.

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