J&K News: Roads Blocked! Heavy Snowfall Blankets Jammu and Kashmir, Snow clearance work underway

J&K News

J&K News: The region known as “heaven on earth,” Jammu and Kashmir, is currently experiencing heavy snowfall. The most recent information indicates that snow has covered many areas, including Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Kupwara. There has been so much snowfall that it has even blocked some roads.

Government’s Snow Clearance Efforts

To ensure that tourist travel is not hampered, the local government does, however, a constant job of clearing snow from the roads using machinery. Visitors claim that they came to enjoy the snowfall in various parts of Kashmir; however, they are having difficulties because most of the roads are blocked as a result of the heavy snowfall.

Jammu and Kashmir Welcomes Snowfall as the Season Approaches

Snowfall begins in Jammu and Kashmir and other hilly regions as winter approaches. Travellers from all over the nation travel to the mountains at this time of year to enjoy the season. There is also a lot of snow falling in places in Kashmir like Gulmarg, Kupwara, and Srinagar. Numerous roads reportedly being blocked during this time have also been reported. To ensure that tourists can enjoy this season, the local government does, however, keep trying to operate the machines and open the closed roads.

Breathtaking Winter Vistas

In Jammu & Kashmir and other mountainous areas, the wintertime scenery is breathtaking. Travellers travel to various Kashmiri districts during this time to enjoy the snowfall, coming from all over the nation and the world. This year, a group of travellers has also travelled to Srinagar, Kupwara, Gulmarg, Anantnag, and other parts of Kashmir. But the snowfall is also causing them issues. Travellers told news agency ANI that although the weather is good for them, they are unable to move around because of blocked roads from the snowfall.

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