Kashmir Solidarity Day in POK: Pakistani Public Reacts on its Goverment’s Inadequacies, Says ‘Khudki Zrurat Poori Nhi Or Mang Rahe Kashmir’

Kashmir Solidarity Day in POK

Kashmir Solidarity Day in POK: Pakistan faces several challenges, including a faltering political climate, an ailing economy, and voices calling for independence from nearly every corner. Its infatuation with Kashmir is also unabated. Pakistan spent enormous sums of money to commemorate Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5th this year. But it made little difference, either within Pakistan or outside. Neither the Pakistani Embassy nor any other foreign entity could provide it with backing or attract a sizable throng.

People TV Unveils Ground Report on Kashmir

A Pakistani YouTube channel People TV has posted the video. In which the reporter is going among the Pakistani people and taking their opinion on Kashmir. The reporter is standing on the border of Pakistan and India and is talking to the people who have come there. Then he asks a person who had come from Sindh, what is your opinion on Kashmir and how do you see the development in Pakistan. Then that person replies, “Look, Jammu is in front, and what we are seeing is not even a city but a village. Now see for yourself how these people have built a school there and how mobile towers have been installed. And Look here, we have come from Sindh and we do not understand how to talk to our home because there is no network here.”

The person further said, “We want to bridge the distance between the two countries. Now see, two members of a family are living on one side and three brothers are living on the other side. Let us not have a visa but a pass for them to meet should be made.”

Questioning the Notion of Liberation

When the reporter asked that we have been hearing slogans since childhood that “Kashmir Banega Pakistan” or “Liberate Kashmir”, what is your opinion on this? Then that person said, “Look, all this can divide us only through slogans. They talk about liberating Kashmir, but are the people of Pakistan themselves free?” Meanwhile, another person also says, “You raise the slogan that Kashmir is ours. It is okay, but then take responsibility for it, give it basic needs also. Your own needs are not being fulfilled here and you ask for Kashmir.”

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