Petrol And Diesel Price Update: Crude oil prices in the international market slip! Check the reason that affect the rates in India

Petrol And Diesel Price Update

Petrol And Diesel Price Update: As the first week of this year draws to a close, the price of crude oil has once again decreased on the global market. However, since May 22, 2022, our nation’s prices have remained unchanged, meaning that the cost of petrol and diesel in India has not changed. The current prices for petrol and diesel for January 8, 2024, are listed below for the majority of the states in our nation. The world oil price benchmark, Brent crude, dropped 0.17% to $71.65 per barrel. Fuel duty has now been implemented in some parts of the country, pushing the cost of a litre of petrol above Rs. 100. The slight global decline in the price of crude oil yesterday was noteworthy.

Checkout the main factor that affect the rates in India

Unrefined or crude oil is a commodity traded on the global market. The price of petrol and diesel in our nation is directly impacted by changes in the price of this commodity. Prices fluctuate whenever there is a shift in the supply and demand for crude oil. Furthermore, the price of crude oil is directly impacted by future reserves and supplies, global political relations, and future supply. The Oil Marketing Companies are responsible for purchasing and distributing the crude oil (OMCs). One major factor influencing the price of fossil fuels is the amount that the oil and gas companies charge their dealers. The cost of refining, freight, and other factors are also taken into account when determining this price.

Petrol And Diesel Price Update: Checkout the prices of petrol and diesel today

Name of citiesPrices of Petrol in rupeesPrices of Diesel in rupees
New Delhi96.7289.62

Want to check current rates in city

Fuel prices are updated on a regular basis by oil marketing companies, and customers can view these prices on the websites of businesses like Indian Oil Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. Additionally, consumers can quickly find out local petrol and diesel prices by going to the websites of the oil marketing companies or by sending an SMS to 9224992249 for Indian Oil customers or 9223112222 for BPCL customers, along with the city code and the word “RSP.”

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