PM Modi Condemns ‘Vote Jihad’! Raises Concerns Over INDI Alliance’s Intention

PM Modi

PM Modi: At a public event in Anand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the Congress is a “mureed” (follower) of Pakistan. The Prime Minister claims that although India is becoming viewed as a global broker of peace, many international forces prefer that a weak administration lead the nation.

Allegations of Support for Congress

“Look at the coincidence, today Congress is getting weak in India. The funny thing is that here Congress is dying and there Pakistan is crying. Now Pakistani leaders are praying for Congress. Pakistan is eager to make the prince the Prime Minister and we already know that Congress is a fan of Pakistan. This partnership between Pakistan and Congress has now been completely exposed,” said the PM.

PM Modi’s Vision for 2047

By 2047, Prime Minister Modi promised to have developed India. “I challenge Congress to give in writing that it won’t give backdoor quota to Muslims in states where it and its allies are in power,” the prime minister stated.

He said “India has seen Congress’s rule for 60 years  and BJP‘s ‘seva-kaal’ for 10 years. In Congress’ 60 years of rule, around 60 per cent of the rural population did not have the facility of toilets. BJP accomplished this in just 10 years.”

PM Modi Condemns ‘Vote Jihad’

Regarding the remarks made by the niece of Congressman Salman Khurshid, Maria Alam Khan, PM Modi said, “A leader from the INDI alliance has exposed their strategy in front of the country. The INDI alliance has asked Muslims to go for Vote Jihad. This has come from an educated family, not from a child coming out of a Madrasa… “

He added, “INDI alliance is saying that all Muslims should get together and vote. The INDI alliance has insulted democracy and the Constitution… Any leader from Congress is yet to oppose this statement. They have given their tacit understanding… On one hand, the INDI alliance is trying to divide SC, ST, OBC and general categories, on the other hand, they are raising the slogan of Vote Jihad. This shows how dangerous their intentions are.”

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