Sadhguru Emerges Strong! Spiritual Leader Recovers After Emergency Brain Surgery


Sadhguru: Spiritual master Jaggi Vasudev, also referred to as “Sadhguru,” had emergency brain surgery on March 17 and was released from the hospital on Wednesday. Before having the brain surgery because of internal bleeding, he had been suffering from excruciating headaches for a few weeks when he was hospitalised to the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi.

Update on Sadhguru’s Health

Dr. Sangita Reddy, the Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Group, recently visited Sadhguru in the hospital and revealed, “The doctors have expressed satisfaction with his recovery and healing. Sadhguru, even as he is recovering, has maintained the same spirit. His commitment to the global good, his sharp mind and his sense of humour are all intact. I think this is good news for all the millions of people who have been enquiring about his health.”

Emergency Brain Surgery

Within several hours of his admission, a group of physicians led by Drs. Vinit Suri, Pranav Kumar, Sudheer Tyagi, and S Chatterjee performed an emergency brain surgery to stop the bleeding in his skull. After the procedure, Sadhguru was gradually taken off the ventilator.

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