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Home NATION Sahil killed Nikki in broad daylight, deleted chats from her phone: Cops

Sahil killed Nikki in broad daylight, deleted chats from her phone: Cops

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Once again a case like the Shraddha murder case has come to the fore in Delhi. In Delhi’s Najafgarh area, a man named Sahil Gehlot killed his live-in partner. Sahil kills girlfriend Nikki Yadav and keeps her body inside the fridge at his dhaba. The matter came to light when the police searched the dhaba.

After which Delhi Police has now made a big disclosure in the Nikki murder case.

According to the police, on February 9, 2023, Sahil Gehlot danced fiercely with friends on the day of his engagement. After this, he had a fight with his live-in partner Nikki Yadav in the night and he killed her. Later, Sahil puts Nikki’s dead body in the fridge of the dhaba. After which the next day Sahil did an arranged marriage.

Chat and call details deleted from Nikki’s phone

In police interrogation, Sahil Gehlot told that he was in a dilemma whether to stay with Nikki or arrange an arranged marriage at the behest of the family members. According to Sahil, the housemates were pressurizing him to have an arranged marriage while Nikki was asking him to stay in the relationship. The investigating officer said that in the midst of the wedding preparations, when most of the family members and guests were asleep, Sahil left for the dhaba in his second car.

At 3:30 in the morning, he took Nikki’s dead body out of the car and kept it in the fridge. He left a bag full of Nikki’s clothes and belongings near the fridge. Sahil takes away Nikki’s phone which he had kept switched off since killing her. He also deleted all the chat and call details of Nikki from the last two days. After which the next day Sahil did an arranged marriage.

Sahil went to Dhaba to see Nikki’s dead body after marriage

Accused Sahil went to see Nikki’s dead body at the dhaba two days after getting married. Sahil wanted to know whether anyone had opened the fridge or whether anyone had visited the dhaba. Sahil said that he strangled the girlfriend to death with a mobile cable when she threatened to implicate him in legal cases if he did not marry her.

Under Nikki’s pressure, he agreed to run away to Himachal Pradesh. They parked their car at Kashmere Gate’s ISBT bus station, but then Gehlot changed his mind when he started getting calls from his family members pressuring him to attend the pre-wedding functions. done.

An officer said, “This was the last time he was seen in the area. Thereafter, she accompanied the accused, who took her to Kashmiri Gate on the pretext of taking her to Himachal Pradesh. They fought for hours and later Sahil strangulated her with a data cable cord.” Sources said that the accused traveled around Delhi for 30-40 kms before going to the dhaba.

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