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HDFC Bank’s Regalia Credit Card: New Lounge Access Rules Effective December 1

Beginning on December 1, 2023, HDFC Bank intends to make substantial modifications to its Regalia Credit Card lounge access programme.

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card: One of the top private sector banks in India, HDFC Bank, has announced major changes to the lounge access programme for its Regalia Credit Cards. The bank will put these adjustments into effect on December 1, 2023, with an emphasis on credit card spending as the primary factor determining access to lounge amenities.

Spending Threshold for Lounge Access

Regalia Credit Cardholders will need to spend at least ₹1 lakh in a calendar quarter in order to qualify for the new system. January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December are the divisions of the quarters. Cardholders who meet this spending threshold will be eligible for lounge benefits.

How to redeem certificates for lounge access

  • Step 1: During a calendar quarter (Jan-Mar | Apr-June | Jul-Sept | Oct-Dec), spend at least ₹1 lakh.
  • Step 2: Visit the Regalia SmartBuy page >> Lounge Benefits >> Lounge admission voucher after fulfilling the expenditures requirements.
  • Step 3: To obtain a voucher by email or SMS, click “generate voucher.”
  • Step 4: To view the e-voucher in PDF format, click the link provided in the SMS or email.
  • Step 5: The QR code on this e-voucher needs to be scanned at the lounge terminal.

Streamlined Lounge Benefits Process

Additionally, the procedure for utilising lounge benefits has been expedited. Cardholders must visit both the Regalia SmartBuy page and the lounge perks page on the bank’s website after meeting the spending requirements. To redeem their advantages, clients can create a lounge access voucher here.

Changes to Lounge Access Coupons

Furthermore, HDFC Bank is changing the quantity of free lounge access coupons that are given to cardholders. Users are eligible to get up to two complimentary tickets for lounge admission as part of a quarterly milestone benefit. Beyond these two coupons, however, using a credit card will be required to enter airport lounges.

Priority Pass Eligibility

After completing at least four retail purchases on their HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card, cardholders can apply for a Priority Pass, which grants them access to lounges outside of India. The cardholder and any additional members may visit the lounge for free up to six times in a calendar year with this pass. It’s vital to remember that if you need more visits than the six free ones, each appointment will cost you $27 + GST.

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