Indian Passport on Strong Footing! Enjoy Visa-Free Travel to Exciting Destinations, Check List Here

Indian Passport

Indian Passport: In order to boost tourism and draw in more tourists—including Indians—many nations are now granting visa-free entry, guaranteeing a smooth travel experience and removing roadblocks. A wave of new adventurers eager to explore these countries has resulted from this initiative.

Visa-Free Extensions in Thailand and Sri Lanka

Recently, Thailand and Sri Lanka expanded the period of time that Indian tourists can enter these countries without a visa. Sri Lanka’s extension is valid until May 31, 2024, while Thailand’s is valid until November 11, 2024.

When traveling to countries that do not require a visa, it is important to keep in mind that there may be additional requirements, such as paying airport taxes or providing proof of future travel. Additionally, travel to these countries is typically restricted to a set period of time. The top ten international locations that Indian passport holders can visit without a visa are listed below.

Summer Travel Opportunities for Indian Passport Holders

It’s the perfect time to travel as the summer travel season draws near. There are a number of places you can travel to if you have an Indian passport without having to worry about getting a visa.

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