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Indian Passports: Explore the multitude of Indian passports, Know Their Unique Benefits and Distinctions Here

Discover the several passport options available in India, each with special advantages. Discover the differences and benefits that various passport types offer, from the typical blue passport for people to diplomatic passports providing benefits for authorities.

Indian Passports: Are you aware of the variety of passports that India issues? There are various passport types that offer different benefits or none at all. Continue reading to learn about the many Indian passport kinds and their advantages in order to determine the sort of passport you now possess.

Ordinary Passports

It is the passport of the average man. These blue passports let immigration and customs officers differentiate between the general public and high-ranking Indian government personnel.

Diplomatic/Official Passport

Senior government officials and diplomats from India are granted these passports. When travelling abroad, these passport holders are eligible for a number of perks. Additionally, bearers of diplomatic passports can expeditiously and easily cross immigration processes.

Orange Passport

Since the government introduced this passport in 2018, which is completely unique from other passports, Indian people have been able to obtain these passports. Its purpose is to detect those who have not completed their education past class 10. These passports lack the final page that contains all the important information, unlike conventional passports. These individuals fall into the ECR (immigration check required) category because they lack the necessary educational background.

White Passport

Officials in the government are entitled to apply for one of the strongest passports. It is granted to individuals who are travelling overseas on official business, and it facilitates the process for immigration and customs officers to recognise the bearer as a government official and provide them with the appropriate handling.

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