MHA launches ‘Pratibimb’ software to help law enforcement combat cybercrime


Cybercrime is an increasing threat in India, but the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has responded with a powerful new tool termed Pratibimb. This cutting-edge software, developed by the Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), assists law enforcement authorities in tracking down hackers in real time and dismantling their networks.

Pratibimb – A Bird’s Eye View of Cybercrime

Consider a map of India in which mobile numbers associated with cybercrime light up like fireflies. That is the strength of Pratibimb. This software employs Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to locate these phone numbers, giving law enforcement and service providers a significant advantage.

Taking Down Cyber Hotspots

Pratibimb is more than just a map; it is a weapon. The MHA has identified cybercrime hotspots throughout the country, with an emphasis on states such as Haryana and Jharkhand. Haryana police has made a huge breakthrough by catching 42 cybercriminals in Nuh and Mewat based on Pratibimb’s observations. This operation not only apprehended offenders, but also confiscated critical evidence such as phony IDs, SIM cards, and stolen cash.

Beyond Phone Numbers

Cybercrime is not limited to hacking and financial schemes. Pratibimb’s scope also includes Internet games. The I4C successfully identified fraudsters who rigged fantasy cricket betting games. These individuals used live matches to gain an unfair advantage, endangering honest participants.

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