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Planning for the Future! What It Takes to Secure 35 Lakhs with Gram Suraksha Scheme, Details Here

Find out the daily amount you need to invest in the Gram Suraksha Yojana to accumulate a substantial 35 lakhs upon maturity.

Gram Suraksha Scheme

Gram Suraksha Scheme: India Post has developed many risk-free savings plans that provide substantial returns and safeguard the future of the nation’s rural residents. Of all the rural postal life insurance schemes that the post office has introduced, Gram Suraksha Yojana is the most well-liked. Tell us what you know about the Gram Suraksha Scheme.

Administered by the Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme

The Gram Suraksha Yojana is managed by the Post Office’s Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme. You can invest Rs 50 per day in this scheme, and when it matures, you’ll receive Rs 35,000,000. This programme was created specifically with rural residents in mind.

Age Range for Gram Suraksha Yojana Investors

Investors in the Gram Suraksha Yojana Scheme can be anyone between the ages of 19 and 55. With this post office initiative, a minimum of Rs 10,000 and a maximum of Rs 10 lakh are guaranteed. Premium payments under this system can be made on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.

Achieving 35 Lakh Rupees with Rs 50 a Day

A person can receive a return of up to Rs 35 lakh when the scheme matures if they invest just Rs 50 per day, or Rs 1,500 per month. You will be required to pay a premium of Rs 1,515 every month for 55 years if you purchase a Rs 10 lakh Gram Suraksha Yojana when you are 19 years old. Simultaneously, monthly deposits of Rs 1,463 for 58 years and Rs 1,411 for 60 years are required.

The Four-Year Milestone in Gram Suraksha Yojana

After four years, investors in this scheme are eligible for a loan facility. A policyholder has three years from the policy’s start date to surrender it if they so choose. After five years of investment in this system, bonuses are also offered.

Receiving 35 Lakhs at 80 in Gram Suraksha Yojana

When a recipient of the Post Office Gram Suraksha Yojana reaches the age of 80, the whole policy value of Rs 35 lakh is transferred to them; however, many individuals request the money early if necessary. Under such circumstances, the laws provide for a profit of Rs 31 lakh 60,000 after 55 years of investment, Rs 33 lakh 40,000 after 58 years of investment, and Rs 34 lakh 60,000 upon 60 years of maturity.

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