WhatsApp Threatens to Exit, Informs Delhi High Court it Will Not Break Encryption


WhatsApp is a popular messaging service used by millions of Indians. The company has said that if the government forces it to break its end-to-end encryption, then the WhatsApp has to exit from India. Because of this encryption communications are only visible to the sender and receiver, protecting their security and privacy.

Why is WhatsApp Taking this Stand?

The Indian government enacted new information technology (IT) rules in 2021. These restrictions demand social media firms like WhatsApp to identify the originators of communications, which Whatsapp argue can only be done by breaking their encryption. According to WhatsApp, doing so will expose the platform and jeopardise user privacy.

What Does This Mean for Users?

If Whatsapp is forced to follow the guidelines set by government then the Indian users have to lose access to this important communication app. Be it individual or an organisation, many people use Whatsapp for personal and professional purposes.

Is There a Solution?

The Delhi High Court is currently hearing arguments from both parties. According to the government, message tracing is crucial for both maintaining national security and assisting with criminal investigations. However, WhatsApp says that since there isn’t any regulation like to this one anywhere else in the world, there has to be a method to balance user privacy with security concerns.

As the ongoing debate has serious implications for both, the user privacy and national secruity of India, all eyes are set on the next hearing which is scheduled on 14th august by The Delhi High Court.

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