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ICC ODI World Cup 2023: ‘We Are Suffocated!’ Pakistan Coach Mickey Arthur’s Controversial Statement Over Security Arrangements; Read

Mickey Arthur and controversial statements have been the best pair of this ICC ODI World Cup 2023 so far. He was once again the centre of the controversy as he stated that the security is too tight and players are getting suffocated.

ICC ODI World Cup 2023
Pakistan coach was once again the center of a controversy as he raised question on the security of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 so far. Read

ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Mickey Arthur and controversial statements have been a regular occurrence in this tournament so far. The Pakistan head coach has been candid with his words and has said some pretty controversial things.

Firstly, he compared stated that this World Cup is like a BCCI tournament rather than an ICC one. After that, he complained that the DJ was not playing their team’s title song and was only playing Indian songs.

He has said everything except criticizing his team’s performance, which has been underwhelming so far. The head coach has once again come out and made another controversial statement that might rub people the wrong way.

We Are Back In Covid Era

Mickey Arthur had a media interaction ahead of their match against New Zealand. He stated that the team is struggling because of the tight security as it feels like they are back into the COVID era.

“The most difficult thing for us is that we are amid very tight security and it is very difficult for the players. We feel like we have come again to Kovid Kal Mein Gaye Hain. You are confined to your floor and room in the hotel.”

He further stated “The security situation is that our breakfast is also in a separate room. During such a long tournament, the players are also facing difficulty in meeting each other and this also has a profound effect. You can’t get out of your way on this tour. It is quite difficult and suffocating for the players.”

Can Still Reach The ICC ODI World Cup 2023

The coach was still optimistic about the knockout hopes as he thought that the team had still not shown their full potential yet. We have not seen Pakistan playing on the field with full potential in the World Cup. In the last match against Bangladesh, we performed very well,” Micket stated.

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