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ICC ODI World Cup: From Ricky Ponting to Faf Du Plessis – Top 5 Fielders in the tournament history

"Catches win matches," and the 50-over ODI World Cup has seen exceptional fielders who've dazzled fans with their phenomenal fielding skills.

ICC ODI World Cup

ICC ODI World Cup: Cricket abounds with timeless sayings, and the phrase “Catches win matches” has been ingrained in the sport’s heritage for generations. Numerous criteria gauge a fielder’s excellence, such as runs saved, pinpoint throws hitting the stumps, successful run-outs, and more. Yet, among these fielding benchmarks, one stands out as both crucial and captivating – the art of taking catches. Let’s have a look at top fielders in the history of the tournament.

Top 5 Fielders in ICC ODI World Cup

1. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting stand as the premier Australian batsman of his era, a remarkable feat considering he shared the field with some of Down Under’s most illustrious cricketing talents. In the list of Australia’s cricketing legends, he’s second only to the incomparable Sir Don Bradman in terms of batting prowess. However, when it comes to ODI World Cups, Ponting reigns supreme as the undisputed champion of fielding. He has taken 28 catches in 46 innings across the World Cup.

2. Joe Root

Joe Root, representing England, has made a significant mark in the ODI World Cup, despite his participation in only two editions thus far. With an impressive tally of 20 catches in just 17 innings, Root has defied the notion that he is primarily a Test specialist. His versatility and prowess were showed by his triumph in the 2019 World Cup on home turf.

3. Sanath Jayasuriya

The renowned left-handed opening batsman from the island nation is acknowledged for revolutionizing the approach to powerplays in ODI cricket. His explosive batting style during the 1996 World Cup changed the game’s dynamics and played an important role in Sri Lanka’s triumph in the tournament. In terms of his ODI World Cup record, he has featured in 38 innings and secured 18 catches.

4. Chris Gayle

The cricketing icon affectionately known as the ‘Universe Boss’ has made a reputation for his explosive batting prowess in T20 cricket. However, it’s worth noting that he is not just a powerhouse with the bat but also possesses a reliable set of hands, boasting the highest number of catches for his country. In the ODI World Cup arena, his record reflects 35 innings and an impressive tally of 17 catches.

5. Faf Du Plessis

Faf du Plessis, a modern-day great from South Africa, concludes this list with a total of 16 catches to his credit. As a stylish right-handed batsman in the upper order, du Plessis places a strong emphasis on his fitness when fielding. His pursuit of ODI World Cup glory reached a poignant moment in 2015 when South Africa came agonizingly close, only to be left empty-handed due to a heart-wrenching loss to New Zealand in the semifinals.

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