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Ind vs Pak ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Pakistani Media Reacts on Massive Loss to India, says ‘Khaane ki itni jaldi….’

India's victory over Pakistan in the ICC World Cup 2023 left a flaming wake.

Ind vs Pak ICC ODI World Cup 2023

Ind vs Pak ICC ODI World Cup 2023: In order to reach his fifty-run milestone and lead India to its eighth World Cup triumph over Pakistan by seven wickets, Shreyas Iyer hit a huge FOUR. India now holds the top spot in the ICC World Cup 2023 points table after dethroning New Zealand with this enormous victory.

Memes and Criticism Erupt After Pakistan’s Loss

On social media, a number of memes about Pakistan’s setback are trending. The Pakistani public chastised its participants on the Tabish Hashmi-hosted show “Harna Mana Hai” in the meantime. Imad Wasim, Mohammad Aamir, and Abdul Razzaq attended this performance. Even the show’s host, who is from Pakistan, was seen exploding in rage at the Pakistani cricket team.

Insights and Opinions from the Show ‘Harna Mana Hai’

During the show, a person asked Aamir whether Babar Azam‘s captaincy would continue after such a bad defeat or would it be difficult for him to remain in the team. On this question, Aamir says that “It may be justified to doubt the captaincy because many times his decisions are not right, but we cannot have any doubt on whether he stays in the team or not because Babar is a very good player.”

Pakistani Squad’s Surprising Performance Discussed on ‘Harna Mana Hai’

Another person in this series questioned why the Pakistani squad’s aggression was not evident on the field whereas the Indian team, Indian citizens, and the Prime Minister were all plainly angry with them during the game? On this, Abdul Razzaq says, “We are also surprised by the team. We ourselves were not expecting that something like this would happen. What was the matter with them, what was going on in their minds, I did not understand at all. This “People have played completely against their talent.”

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