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Delhi-Dehradun Expressway: Construction at Night to Fast-Track Project Completion, Traffic Diversions Expected

The Delhi-Dehradun Motorway would include nocturnal building to speed up the project and fulfil the March 2024 completion target

Delhi-Dehradun Expressway: The Delhi-Dehradun Expressway has received a significant update. The Delhi Expressway can now be constructed even at night. The department has been given approval to start building. The potential of traffic being diverted at several locations on the National Highway cannot be ruled out because maintenance is being done at night.

Ensuring Smooth Travel Amidst Construction

Passengers can experience inconvenience as a result of the highway’s traffic change. However, if departmental representatives are to be believed, the highway building will be accelerated. The construction work will be finished in the allotted amount of time, ensuring that the passengers are not inconvenienced in any manner. The Delhi Expressway construction project will go more quickly now that it is permitted to work at night. The fourth package of the expressway’s construction will now be finished by the planned deadline of March 2024, according to NHAI officials.

Expanding the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway

Four packages are being built for the Expressway. The fourth package goes from Asharodi in Uttarakhand to Ganeshpur in the Uttar Pradesh. A 12 km elevated road across the Barsati river, which runs through the deep Mohand forest, is also to be developed as part of this 21 kilometre package. In addition to this, Datkali has a 340-meter tunnel.

Upgrading the Datkali-Asharodi Route to an Expressway

The old route between Datkali and Asharodi will be upgraded to a Expressway. Work was still not permitted at night in the Uttarakhand portion from Datkali to Ganeshpur, although it was already taking place there. The Ministry of Forest and Environment has finally approved NHAI’s request for permission to operate at night. Obtaining approval to work at night will speed up the process, but NHAI still faces several difficulties. In the vicinity of Datkali and Mohand, there is a thick forest with a variety of wild creatures.

Nighttime Work Amidst Forest Challenges

Teams of labourers will need to be assembled by NHAI in order to complete the task. Additionally, strong instructions on how to stay vigilant when working in the forests at night have been issued to the employees. Strong security precautions will also be undertaken during the construction process, if officials are to be believed. In Datkali, the tunnel construction was finished a year ago. Between Datkali and Ganeshpur, a seven-kilometer elevated route, slabs have already fallen onto the pillars. Obtaining authority to operate at night will hasten the process, and it is now fully anticipated that the project will be finished by the deadline of March 2024.

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