IPL Fraud Alert: Beware! Delhi Police Warns of Rising IPL Scams Targeting Cricket Fans, Check How to Safeguard Yourself

IPL Fraud Alert

IPL Fraud Alert: Fraudsters are taking advantage of the nation’s excitement over the Indian Premier League (IPL) to prey on gullible fans. The public is being warned about misleading pop-ups and fraudulent websites that promise large rewards but really attempt to steal personal and financial information by the Delhi Police in a recent IPL scam notice.

Understanding the IPL Fraud Alert

Cybercriminals can take advantage of the millions of fans that tune in to see their favourite teams and players throughout the Indian Premier League (IPL) season. These con artists lure admirers into falling for their traps with attractive pop-ups and phoney websites. Typically, the method include asking consumers questions about recent matches that appear simple and basic but ultimately lead to more complex schemes.

How the Scam Works

  1. First Pop-Up: An alert may appear on your screen saying something like, “It’s not only the players who can win crores! Simply respond to the question below and click the link.
  2. Easy Quiz: After clicking the original link, a new pop-up window appears asking a simple question, such “MS Dhoni played his last match against which team?” The answers are RCB, CSK, MI, and KKR.
  3. Winning Announcement: Following your selection of the right response (RCB, for example), another pop-up notifies you that you have won a prize. This award might be worth anything from ₹1,000 to ₹1 lakh or more.
  4. Fraudulent Link: Last but not least, a fraudulent link appears, urging you to click on it in order to get your prize. The true risk is found on this link. If you click on it, you can be sent to phishing websites or malware installation pages where your financial and personal information is being stolen.

Protect Yourself from IPL Fraud Scams

Given the increasing sophistication of these scams, it is crucial to stay vigilant. Here are some tips to protect yourself:

Official Statements and Warnings

Throughout the IPL season, the Delhi Police have stressed the need for knowledge and prudence. They advise everyone to be sceptical of any unsolicited promises of rewards or victories. Cybercriminals prey on gullible fans by taking advantage of the hype surrounding the IPL.

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