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Lucknow News: Indian Railways Gears Up for Festive Rush! Chhath Puja Special Trains Announced

Chhath Puja special trains are an Indian Railways response to holiday travel demands. Prepare for hassle-free travel during the Chhath Puja and Diwali holidays.

Lucknow News

Lucknow News: Indian Railways has operated five pairs of Chhath Puja special trains from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, due to the increase in crowds during holidays like Chhath Puja and Diwali. The sale of tickets for these special trains has begun. Here is the list.

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  • Jammu Tawi to Barauni: From October 19 to November 30, train number 04646 will depart from Jammu Tawi at 5:45 am every Thursday and reach Barauni at 12:10 pm. In return, 04645 Barauni-Jammuthavi will run from Barauni at 3:15 pm every Friday from October 20 to December 1.
  • From Firozpur Cantt to Patna, every Wednesday from 25th October to 29th November, train number 04678 will run from Firozpur Cantt at 1:25 pm. 04677 will run from Patna every Thursday from 26th October to 30th November.
  • From Gorakhpur to Amritsar, every Friday from October 20 to December 1, train number 05005 will run from Gorakhpur at 2:40 pm. 05006 will run from Amritsar every Saturday from 21st October to 2nd December.
  • Chandigarh Jn. From Gorakhpur Junction train number 04518 will run from Chandigarh every Thursday from 2nd to 30th November. 04517 will run from Gorakhpur every Friday from 3rd November to 1st December.
  • Bathinda to Banaras: Every Sunday and Wednesday from November 5 to 29, train number 04530 will run from Bathinda at 8:55 pm. Every Monday and Thursday from 6th to 30th November, 04529 will depart from Banaras at 20:40 pm and reach Bathinda at 7:10 pm the next evening.

Affordable Travel Options on the Horizon, Lucknow’s New Vande Express Trains

Soon, Lucknow will offer three Vande Ordinary Express trains that travel to Delhi, Banaras, and Gorakhpur. These trains will operate with consideration for both sleeper and ordinary class customers. so that train tickets for middle-class people are affordable. Before Diwali, the Railway Board is anticipated to declare these trains. According to a railway official, discussions over the train schedule and tariffs have already begun.

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