Lucknow News: Vote for Democracy! School Announces 10 Extra Marks for Children if Parents Vote

Lucknow News

Lucknow News: In 2024, Lucknow will also host voting in the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections. A fresh strategy has been devised by Lucknow‘s St. Joseph’s School to boost the percentage of voters in the May 20 election. Anil Aggarwal, the school’s manager, has pledged to present a gift to the families of his students’ teachers and parents if they cast votes.

Incentive for Students

Anil Aggarwal stated in an interview with ABP Live that he has explained to the students at his school that, for those whose parents cast ballots, there are five numbers associated with the mother and five numbers associated with the father, for a total of ten numbers, these numbers will be raised for the upcoming test. These grades can be earned by kids in multiple subjects as well as in just one. Simultaneously, he has declared that if the staff members at his school vote, he will give them and their families a gift by raising their monthly salaries by one day.

Voting Day Initiative

‘Voting day is a holiday,’ according to Anil Aggarwal, ‘so most people stay home on that day. We want everyone to take part in this fantastic democratic festival, which is truly remarkable. Children have been asked to persuade their parents to vote because of this, and staff members have also been asked to vote.’

He said that “a parent-teacher meeting has been organized on the second day of the voting day, during which when the children come with their parents and show their inked finger, they will be given an advantage of 10 marks in the next examination.” He said that “a group of management and staff has also been formed in which all the staff members along with their families will post their voting photographs. Due to which one day’s salary will be increased in this month’s salary.”

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