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Meerut News: 2164 Crore Boost Set to Reshape the City, 1480 Crore Infrastructure Plan Unveiled

Examine the 2042 visionary development plan for Meerut, which addresses infrastructure needs and population growth.

Meerut News: A plan for Meerut‘s rapid development has been drawn out through 2042, taking into account the city’s growing population and expanding boundaries. MEDA has also approved the City Logistics Plan (CLP), which was created by the Urban Mass Transit Company (UMTC). This plan outlines how traffic, transport, road safety, industry, commercial activities, warehouses, and other related areas will be developed under the current circumstances, taking into account the country’s 24.15 lakh population as well as projected resources in 2042. It was approved in accordance with the Master Plan-2031’s ten-year development plans. It is currently awaiting government approval. After receiving their approval, work on it will begin.

Infrastructure Development Initiatives

A network of highways, freight corridors, metro, Ganga Motorway, and rapid rail is being built throughout Meerut. The Meerut Master Plan-2031 includes 305 villages, including Sardhana, Mawana, Lavad, Bahsuma, and Hastinapur. The expanded Master Plan 2031 now covers 1043 square kilometres. 75 percent of the industrial sector, 96 percent of the commercial sector, and 50 percent of the residential sector have all seen increases.

Current and Projected Goods Vehicle Trips

The number of goods vehicle trips per day is currently 1,29,233, and is predicted to rise to 2,32,111 in 2042. Simultaneously, under short-term planning, six lakh people could be employed by 2031. CLP was created with these teachings in mind.

This is how work will be done on CLP

  • Rs 1480 crore for road network to 110 km. Construction of the route.
  • 8 truck terminals/logistics parks/warehouses will be built at a cost of Rs 130 crore.
  • Construction of two model logistics parks and logistics park with Rs 530 crore.
  • 5 Intelligent Transport Management Systems (ITMS) worth Rs 12 crore will be installed.
  • Two zones with emission capacity of less than Rs 12 crore will be developed.

The Rs 2164 Crore City Logistics Plan

The Rs 2164 crore City Logistics Plan (CLP) contains a development blueprint. This also included industries such as paper mills, minerals, metal engineering, ready-made clothing, furniture, sugar industries, and agricultural-based units. All of these industries currently produce thirty thousand 205 tonnes, but by 2042, that number should rise to sixty-four thousand 111 tonnes. On October 7, Commissioner Selva Kumari J. was instructed to make the presentation short-term and beneficial to the public after it was made in front of the group. It has now been prepared under the Master Plan-2031 in such a situation.

Meerut’s Multimodal Logistics Park (MLP) Takes Shape

In Transport Nagar, twelve thousand trucks are moved every day. Here, concerns have been voiced about trucks parked on the street, improper parking arrangements, dilapidated roads, and TP Nagar’s central location within the city. A transport city and warehouse will be constructed on 39.06 hectares in TP Nagar and 38.5 and 46.2 hectares in two sections in Daurala as part of the Multimodal Logistics Park (MLP). In contrast, the year 2042 stipulates that 135.37 hectares of land are needed for Transport Nagar. 54.10 hectares in Daurala, 81.27 hectares close to Kharkhoda on Hapur Road, TP Nagar, and 42 hectares close to the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) in Partapur are proposed for MLP in order to achieve this.

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