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Meerut News: A Game Changer in Commuting! Meerut Metro Unveils First Trainset at Duhai Depot

See the ground-breaking progress as Meerut Metro reaches a noteworthy milestone upon the arrival of the first trainset at the Ghaziabad NCRTC depot.

Meerut News

Meerut News: On Wednesday, the first trainset of the Meerut Metro arrived at the Duhai National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) Depot in Ghaziabad. The trainset of three native cars was delivered on big trailers and unloaded for the purpose of assembling and testing them in order to create a reliable public transport system in the metropolis.

Innovative Design Features

“The Made-in-India Meerut Metro trainsets, with their modern design, are energy efficient, lightweight, and equipped with a regenerative braking system compatible with Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Control (ATC), and Automatic Train Operations (ATO),”  NCRTC mentioned on the microblogging platform X. 

Notably, the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS infrastructure will host high-speed regional trains Namo Bharat and Meerut Metro for the first time in the nation.

Stations and Track Overview

The Meerut Metro has 13 stations along its 23 km (18 km elevated and 5 km subterranean) track. Of these, nine are above ground, three are below ground, and one is at grade and is the depot station. The trainset’s arrival means that the Meerut Metro‘s trial runs will shortly begin. The ergonomic 2×2 transverse seating configurations at Meerut Metro will be used for longitudinal seating arrangements. It will have the capacity to carry over 700 passengers at once.

Innovative Three-Car Trainsets

The Metro design, which has three-car trainsets and a cutting-edge aesthetic approach, maximises passenger security, comfort, and safety. It also has contemporary, lightweight stainless steel coaches, luggage racks, cosy standing areas, CCTV cameras, a mobile charging station, and dynamic route maps. It also features an infotainment system, an auto-control ambient lighting system based on illumination, and other entertainment features.

Unveiling of Meerut Metro’s First Look

Vinay Kumar Singh, the MD of NCRTC, recently unveiled the first look at the Meerut Metro trainset. Additionally, the NCRTC in Savli, Gujarat, received the first trainset from rolling equipment manufacturer Alstom. With the inauguration of Meerut Metro and the start of its delivery, the metro and RRTS services in Meerut will be fully integrated, enabling closer headways and more frequent service.

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