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Meerut News: Violent Clash at Municipal Meeting, Members Chase and Beat Each Other

BJP council members physically attacked and pursued SP and BSP councillors during the Meerut Municipal Corporation meeting, resulting in a violent altercation.

Meerut News: There was a great deal of kicking, punching, and other physical abuse during today’s Meerut Municipal Corporation Board meeting. BJP council members also ran and beat SP and BSP council members. According to reports, opposition party councillors shoved and attacked BJP MLC Dharmendra Bhardwaj during the meeting. This infuriated the BJP councillors, who then pursued SP councillor Kuldeep and BSP councillor Ashish Chaudhary.

Unexpected Disruption in Meerut Municipal Corporation Meeting


The news reports that there was an abrupt disturbance over a certain matter during the Meerut Municipal Corporation meeting. BJP MLC Dharmendra Bhardwaj was being pushed and attacked by Samajwadi Party councillor Kuldeep, also known as Kirti Ghopla, from Ward No. 31, and Bahujan Samaj Party councillor Ashish Chaudhary from Ward 36. The BJP councillors who attended the meeting became enraged upon witnessing this. Subsequently, there was an enormous commotion on both sides.

Physical Assault on BSP Council Member Ashish Choudhary

BJP council members assaulted BSP council member Ashish Choudhary as well as SP and BSP council members. They repeatedly punched and kicked him from the house to the street. Following that, some security guards saved the two council members, made them sit in their car, and then sent them on their way. There is also a video of this incident that has gone viral, showing BJP leaders beating the two leaders.

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