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Home States Punjab Punjab News : Punjab Governor Summons Assembly Session Amidst Tensions

Punjab News : Punjab Governor Summons Assembly Session Amidst Tensions

Punjab News: In the midst of tensions between the Raj Bhawan and the AAP government in Punjab, Governor Banwarilal Purohit has summoned the state assembly for a session on November 28. This move comes two days after the state cabinet’s decision to convene a two-day winter session. Earlier objections were raised by the Raj Bhawan regarding the AAP government’s extension of the budget session in June and October, leading to a standoff. The upcoming session is scheduled for November 28-29, focusing on addressing various pending Bills. The governor’s approval for proroguing the budget session was granted on November 17.

Contentious Legislative Business Raises Concerns

Governor Purohit had previously questioned the legislative business conducted during the special sittings in June and October, creating a standoff between the Raj Bhawan and the AAP government. Amid this, the state cabinet decided to approach the Supreme Court for resolution. The upcoming session will witness the tabling of three money Bills, including The Indian Stamp (Punjab Amendment) Bill, 2023, Punjab Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2023, and The Punjab Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (Amendment) Bill. The governor’s recent approvals for two money Bills on November 1 and one last week have added to the ongoing complexities.

Pendulum of Approval and State Government’s Supreme Court Move

The state government’s decision to approach the Supreme Court came after Governor Purohit’s sequential approvals for the money Bills. The contested legislative proceedings during special sittings have underscored the challenges in the relationship between the Raj Bhawan and the AAP-led government in Punjab. The developments highlight the need for a resolution and a collaborative approach for effective governance.

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