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Bikaner Man Achieves Record for Longest Beard, Takes Pride in Grooming

Around the world, people have set remarkable yet unusual records that have captivated social media audiences. Among these record-breakers is Chandra Prakash Vyas, a resident of Bikaner, who has achieved recognition for having the longest beard in Rajasthan. In an interview with News18, Chandra Prakash shared his journey and the diligent care he bestows upon his extraordinary beard.

The Record-Breaking Beard:
Chandra Prakash proudly claims the title of possessing the longest beard in Rajasthan. He earned this distinction by participating in a beard competition held in the region, where he was honored with the award for the longest beard. His beard, measuring an impressive 3 feet, is a testament to his dedication and passion.

Care and Maintenance:
Maintaining such a lengthy beard requires meticulous care. Chandra Prakash follows a grooming routine that includes washing his beard with Multani mitti, amla (Indian Gooseberries), and buttermilk once a month. He also applies shampoo to his hair every 15 days and uses conditioner during his bathing routine. Additionally, he nourishes his beard with coconut and sesame oil to keep it in impeccable shape. This grooming regimen consumes approximately one hour of his daily routine.

Chandra Prakash’s commitment to his remarkable beard extends to a significant period of time. He proudly mentions that he hasn’t shaved his facial hair for the past seven years. His aspirations go beyond regional recognition, as he aims to make India proud on the international stage. Multiple competitions in Bikaner, where he won the longest beard award, have further fueled his passion for maintaining his impressive beard.

Balancing Work and Passion:
Despite his distinctive appearance, Chandra Prakash is a computer operator in Kolayat Town, Bikaner, Rajasthan. His daily commute involves a 50-kilometer bus journey to his workplace. To safeguard his cherished beard from dust and damage during travel, he carefully wraps it with a cloth. His dedication to both his profession and his unique beard is evident in his meticulous precautions.

Chandra Prakash’s journey began with the initial lack of support from his family members. However, their perspective transformed as he gained recognition and accolades through his participation in beard competitions. Over the years, he has won a total of seven competitions, including the prestigious Mooch Shree Award in 2017, presented by the Bharat Beard Club in Gurugram.

Chandra Prakash Vyas stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements individuals can attain when they combine passion, dedication, and a unique personal goal, ultimately earning admiration and recognition in the process.

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