Rajasthan Assembly Election 2023: PM Modi Accuses Congress of Corruption and Nepotism, Urges Voters to Choose BJP for Rajasthan’s Development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress-led government in Rajasthan, alleging widespread corruption and nepotism that is causing substantial losses to the nation. Speaking at public meetings in Taranagar, Churu district, and Jhunjhunu ahead of the State Assembly election, Modi asserted that the future of the youth was being compromised, and funds allocated for Central schemes were being misappropriated.

PM Modi Accuses Congress of Corruption and Nepotism

Modi accused the Congress of engaging in corrupt practices, including recruitment exam paper leaks, a fertilizer scam, and misleading farmers on the pretext of loan waivers. He emphasized the contradiction between the Congress party and development, stating that the party’s internal conflicts and infighting hindered its ability to serve the people.

Using a cricket analogy, Modi likened the Congress to a team whose players were more focused on outdoing each other within the party than scoring runs for the nation. He urged the people to vote for the BJP in the upcoming November 25 election to ensure the rapid development of the state, promising to eliminate corruption, investigate paper leak cases, and address high petrol prices if elected to power.

Modi emphasized the need for Rajasthan to move away from the Congress

Modi emphasized the need for Rajasthan to move away from the Congress, asserting that voting out the party would safeguard the state’s future. He highlighted the achievements of the BJP government at the Centre, expressing confidence in making India a developed nation by 2047. Modi also revisited the “red diary” controversy, claiming that the entire account of the Congress party’s illegal transactions had been recorded in its pages.

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