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Meerut News: Toll Plaza on Meerut-Karnal Highway to Commence Operation on November 2

Meerut News

Meerut News: The schedule for the opening of the toll plaza on the Meerut-Karnal Highway has been officially announced, with operations set to begin from November 2. This development is expected to result in increased travel costs for users of National Highway 709A, which includes the Meerut-Karnal Highway. Light vehicles will be required to pay Rs 80, while heavy commercial vehicles will incur a one-way fee of Rs 535 for using the highway.

The tender for the Bhuni toll plaza has been awarded to the VKM Company of Muzaffarnagar, and preparations for fee collection have been finalized, including the deployment of personnel at the toll plaza.

Exemption for Local Residents Within a 20 KM Radius

Notably, residents living within a 20-kilometer radius of the toll plaza will be eligible for toll exemption passes. The issuance of these passes is intended to provide relief to local residents. According to survey reports, the Meerut-Karnal highway witnesses approximately 15,000 vehicle crossings daily. Among these, around 10,000 vehicles are classified as commercial, with over 5,000 falling into the category of small vehicles.

Operational Details of the Toll Plaza

Officials from the toll company have confirmed that a total of eight lanes have been established at the toll plaza, with four dedicated to vehicles entering and four for those exiting. The toll collection process will be automated for efficiency. Additionally, two booths have been set up on both sides of the highway specifically for collecting fees from vehicles that do not have Fastag, ensuring a smooth operation of the toll plaza.

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