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Parrot witness case: Man convicted of 2014 murder gets life imprisonment

The court sentenced two people to life imprisonment after being proved guilty in the murder and robbery case of a woman in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, 9 years ago. Along with the woman, the culprits also killed her pet dog. The special thing in this case is that there were injury marks on the body of the convict in the dog attack, along with this, the police traced the killers from the testimony of the parrot. One of the culprits of the murder is the nephew of the woman.

According to the information, Special Judge Bandit-affected area Mohammad Rashid in Agra, Uttar Pradesh has sentenced Ashutosh Goswami and Rani Massey to life imprisonment in the case of murder of a woman. Along with this, a fine of Rs 72 thousand has also been imposed.

This case went on for 9 years. In this case Mithu Raja, the pet parrot of deceased Neelam had surprised everyone by revealing the names of the culprits. Actually, after the murder, the caged parrot was continuously taking the names of the murderers. No one was believing that these people could carry out the robbery and murder, because the killer Ashutosh is the nephew of Vijay Sharma, the husband of the deceased Neelam. He along with his friend Ronnie killed Neelam, after that he committed the robbery.

In fact, on February 20, 2014, Vijay Sharma, who lives in Agra, had attended a wedding in Firozabad with his son. When he came back in the night, he saw that the dead body of his wife Neelam was lying in a pool of blood. His pet dog was also lying dead. After the information, the police reached the spot and started the investigation. During the investigation, the police took possession of Neelam and the dead body of the dog and sent it for postmortem.

Revealed in the post mortem report – 14 attacks were done on the woman and 9 on the dog

According to the post mortem report, 14 attacks were done on the woman and 9 attacks on the dog. The police tried to trace the killers, but could not find any clue.

According to the police, when they reached the house of the deceased for investigation, the parrot kept in the cage in front was speaking something. When his voice was noticed, it seemed that he was constantly taking the names of Ashutosh and Ronnie and saying that Ashu had come. The attention of the police and the victims went towards the parrot’s constant name-calling.

The parrot said to the owner – Ashu had come, then the investigation started

After this Vijay Sharma talked to the parrot, then the parrot again said that Ashu had come. Vijay Sharma told this to the police. After this the police also spoke to the parrot. The parrot had said the same in front of the police that Ashu had come. After this, the police caught Ashutosh interrogated him. The secret of the murder was revealed in the inquiry.

After this the police arrested both of them. The police filed the charge sheet in the court. The parrot is also a part of the investigation in the charge sheet of the police, but is not a part of the evidence or testimony in the court. The case went on for 9 years after the charge sheet was filed in the court. The decision came in this case on Thursday.

Ajay Sharma died on 14 November 2020 amid Corona. After the death of Ajay Sharma, his daughters took the case forward. In this case, 14 witnesses were presented by the prosecution, while one witness was presented by the defense. The court sentenced the woman’s nephews Ashutosh and Ronnie Massey to life imprisonment on the basis of witnesses’ statements and evidence.

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