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Apple Macs can now detect water in USB-C Ports, What it means

Electronic gadgets are prone to water damage, and Apple, like most other firms, does not offer a limited guarantee that covers liquid damage.

Apple Macs can now detect water in USB-C Ports, All you must know

Apple: According to reports, Apple offers its clients renowned warranty service, but occasionally, Mac users try to make false warranty claims, particularly in the case of hardware that has liquid damage and is no longer functional. Things will now be different than they were in the past when it came to determining whether a Mac’s USB-C connector had been harmed by liquid.

Apple Macs can now detect water in USB-C Ports

According to 9to5Mac, the macOS Sonoma 14.1 update adds a new system daemon called “liquiddetectiond,” which can determine when the computer has been in contact with liquids. The study stated that this daemon operates in the background to gather liquid detection analysis from every USB-C port on the Mac. “Liquid Detection and Corrosion Mitigation Daemon” is the name given to this feature.

A similar daemon is present on iPads and iPhones to notify users when liquid is detected in the connector.

Why did Apple include this feature?

This will facilitate the process of figuring out whether the owner of the Mac is attempting to lodge a fraudulent warranty claim for liquid damage. In order to notify others if a Mac has been subjected to liquid damage, Liquid Contact Indicators, or LCIs, are unique indicators that are installed inside the Mac at strategic locations. This is one method of determining if a Mac has been exposed to liquid damage.

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