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ChatGPT down due to a DDoS attack? What you must know to keep your site safe

During the past 24 hours, OpenAI has been dealing with "periodic outages" brought on by DDoS attacks that target its ChatGPT and API services.

ChatGPT down due to a DDoS attack? All we know

ChatGPT: ChatGPT is reportedly experiencing frequent outages due to an odd spike in traffic, according to OpenAI, which suggests a potential DDoS attack. The OpenAI status page reports that efforts are being made to fix and minimise this issue. Read on to learn more.

DDoS attack on ChatGPT?

Error messages stating that “something seems to have gone wrong” and that ChatGPT was unable to create responses were displayed to users.

After first announcing that it was looking into the problem, OpenAI has now indicated that a solution has been put in place and that services are starting to “gradually” return to normal.

Threat actors claim to have brought down the service with a DDoS attack, even though OpenAI has not commented on any cyberattacks.

Who is behind the attack?

The alleged attack seems to have been the result of cooperation between Anonymous Sudan and SkyNet, two organisations that have previously launched attacks on significant companies like Apple, Telegram, and Azure.

What is a DDoS attack?

A distributed denial-of-service assault, or DDoS attack, is a type of cyberattack in which an adversary tries to overload a server, network, or service with traffic from numerous sources in an attempt to disrupt or disable it. This can be accomplished by either deploying a botnet to submit the requests or by flooding the target with requests.

How to keep your site safe?

  • Ensure High Levels of Network Security
  • Look Out for the Warning Signs
  • Limit Network Broadcasting
  • Continuous Monitoring of Network Traffic
  • Have Server Redundancy
  • Leverage the Cloud to Prevent DDoS Attacks

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