How to Recover a Banned WhatsApp Account, Check Simple Steps


It might be frightening when your WhatsApp account is restricted. You may, however, take action to fix the problem and resume speaking with friends and family. This is a how-to instruction in the event that your WhatsApp account is blocked.

What to do if WhatsApp is Banned?

Upon discovering that your WhatsApp account has been blocked and you are receiving the notice “This account cannot use WhatsApp,” there are a few things you may do:

1. Request a Review

Open WhatsApp, then select “Request a review.” Here, please state the reasons and send in your request. WhatsApp will examine it in a span of 72 hours. You can wait for a notification about their choice and use WhatsApp to track the status of your request.

2. Email WhatsApp Support

Additionally, you may contact to communicate with WhatsApp. Just state that your account has been blocked, that you will only use the official WhatsApp app, and give your number. Your request may be examined and your account unbanned as a result.

3. Contact WhatsApp Through Google

Search for WhatsApp support on Google and click on the option to contact WhatsApp. Please enter your information carefully in the form. In the message, say that you think your account was blocked by mistake and that you follow WhatsApp’s rules.

Reasons for WhatsApp Account Bans

By knowing the reasons behind WhatsApp account bans, you may steer clear of these situations:

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