Animal viral video: Heartwarming friendship between adorable pug and banana seller will melt your heart; Watch

Animal viral video

Animal viral video: In the heartwarming world of social media, an adorable pug named Ammu has stolen the show with its endearing friendship with a banana seller. A delightful video capturing this precious bond was recently shared on the Instagram page dedicated to Ammu – The Pug, and it has quickly become a viral sensation, touching the hearts of thousands of viewers.

Ammu’s eagerness for the banana seller warms hearts

The short clip begins with Ammu standing at the gates of its home, patiently waiting for the arrival of the beloved banana seller. With its wagging tail and bright eyes, the cute pug exudes sheer excitement, as if it knows that something special is about to happen. As the familiar sight of the banana seller’s cart comes into view, Ammu’s excitement reaches new heights.

As the banana seller drives by, Ammu’s joy knows no bounds. The sight of the friendly pug eagerly waiting brings a smile to the seller’s face, and without any hesitation, he stops his cart to greet the adorable doggo. Ammu’s tail wags even faster as it receives the seller’s affectionate pat. In a heartwarming gesture, the banana seller offers Ammu a ripe and delicious banana. The pug accepts the treat with absolute delight, savoring every moment of this sweet exchange. The seller’s kindness and Ammu’s appreciation are a heartening reminder of the simple joys and connections that can be found in everyday life.

The power of sweet friendships 

The video which was posted on Instagram page of Amu has over 744k views and 106k likes. One user commented, “Something about pugs and bananas.” Another user commented, “Dog allways great so cute I am also emotional, cute😘 every day same time waiting.” One of them commented, “Who will don’t like such a cute angel.” Some comments were like, “Give my heart 😍,” “Cuteness overload!” 

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