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Home VIDEOS Animal Viral Video: He’s Mine! Cat’s possessiveness for Dog is incomparable; WATCH

Animal Viral Video: He’s Mine! Cat’s possessiveness for Dog is incomparable; WATCH

The latest Animal Viral Video shows cat's possessive nature for the dog and netizens loved the way she showed her love.

Animal Viral Video

Animal Viral Video: The internet is full of bizarre videos that entertain viewers and always make netizens go insane. Animal videos, which reveal the unseen and adorable sides of wild and pet animals, are also popular on the internet. Although there is a fighting relationship between a dog and a cat and they remain enemies of each other, but recently a video is going viral in which a very cute relationship is being seen between a cat and a dog. Seeing this love between the two, anyone’s heart can melt because both of them are looking very cute.

Love of dog and cat shown in animal viral video

The unseen and lovable nature of animals can be seen in animal viral videos and something similar is seen in this video which is going viral recently. In this video, a lovely relationship between a dog and a cat is visible which has made everyone happy. Both are looking very cute in the video and the cat seems to be very possessive towards the dog because as soon as someone tries to touch the dog, the cat gets angry and tries to attack him. Only by seeing this you can understand how extreme is the cat’s attachment to the dog and how much it loves it.

Netizens like the video

The video went viral and netizens flooded the comment section with love and appreciation for the animals. One user wrote, “Get back. He’s mine. All mine. See, I even bit him and he just smiles. He loves me.” Another user wrote, “Cat’s like, “NO MY DOGGIE. MINNNNNEEEE!”

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