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Animal Viral Video: Surprising! Woman Tries to Get Pally With Elephant, Big Beast Not Impressed; Watch What Happens Next

Animal Viral Video

Animal Viral Video: The internet is a source of entertainment for several people because the social media platforms show the extraordinary videos. The unseen and adorable sides of animals entertain the audience but their dangerous side scares the internet. Humans always try to interact with the wild animals to make friends with them. One such video is going viral online which showed a woman trying to make friends with the elephant but her attempt takes a dangerous turn when the elephant reacts in a horrible way to her proposal of friendship.

Animal Viral Video Shows Elephant’s Horrible Behavior

Animal videos make rounds on the internet because they showcase the dangerous side of the animals. Sometimes human try to cross the limits but they fail to impress the animal. The same happened in the video which showed woman’s attempt to impress the elephant. It is very difficult to make friends with an elephant but a woman tries to do so and gets hurt. In the video going viral, a woman goes to an elephant to befriend him, but as soon as she comes in front of him, the elephant gets angry. He attacks the woman and the woman falls away. After this she runs away from there to save her life.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video was posted on Twitter (now known as X) and it has garnered attention on the internet. The audience reacted to the video and raised concerns over the safety of the girl. One user wrote, “Fortunate that the juvenile scared her away before that adult charged her.” Another user wrote, “For those in the back, WILD animals are WILD and they Do. Not. Care if they hurt you.”

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