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Pawan Singh and Sanjana Mishra’s ‘Dhakad’ performance on NEW song ‘Hathwa Me Mehandi Hardi’ is a stealer; watch video

In a treat for their fans, Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh and the talented actress Sanjana Mishra have set the internet ablaze with their extraordinary performance in the music video ‘Hathwa Me Mehandi Hardi’. The duo’s scintillating chemistry and powerful portrayal of their characters have left audiences spellbound, garnering immense praise and admiration online.

Playing the role of a gangster, Pawan Singh’s magnetic presence is captivating, while Sanjana Mishra’s performance as the strong-willed woman stopping him from interrupting a marriage adds depth and intensity to the video.

Watch Pawan Singh and Sanjana Mishra’s Performance

The music video ‘Hathwa Me Mehandi Hardi’ revolves around a gripping narrative that intertwines emotions and action. Pawan Singh’s character portrays a powerful and fierce gangster who attempts to create chaos during a wedding ceremony. Sanjana Mishra plays the role of a courageous actress determined to protect the sanctity of the occasion and prevent any disruption caused by the gangster.

Their on-screen chemistry is nothing short of electric, bringing an extra layer of authenticity to their characters. Pawan Singh’s commanding presence perfectly complements Sanjana Mishra’s strong and feisty persona, making their performances a visual treat for the audience.

Viewers praise the dance

Apart from the overwhelming response from the audience, the music video has also received accolades from within the Bhojpuri film industry. It has garnered thousands of likes and views on YouTube. Online users have filled the comment section with love, praise, and appreciation.

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