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Top 5 ULLU Web Series in 2023: Priya Gamre to Noor Malabika, Actresses Bare It All In These Must Watch Shows; Check Out Videos

Here are 5 of the most popular webseries to watch on the ULLU app, starring stunning actresses.

Top 5 Webseries on Ullu 2023
Top 5 Webseries on Ullu 2023

Top 5 Webseries on Ullu 2023: Since the launch of the OTT platform, Ullu back on 25th December 2023, it has been really popular for its explicit content. It provides many forms of content ranging from web series to short films and music videos. Moreover, the platform has provided a lot of interesting adult stories starring talented actors. Here are some of the most popular ones of the lot.

Dekhi Andekhi

In this webseries directed by Punit Goyal, the main character called Dev lives in Neha and Raj’s house on rent. However, things take a turn when he starts feeling strongly towards Neha ending in a life-changing accident. This was released on 13 October 2023, starring the amazing Noor Malabika.

Garam Masala

Garam Masala tells the tale of a couple who uncover the spooky history of the house they moved into. This causes tension between the couple. Directed by AK Yadav, this series was released on 25 August 2023. Moreover, it stars Alina Sen and Pooja Sinha, among others.


In a dysfunctional family, Dev feels attracted to his teenage daughter’s friend, while his daughter likes her mother’s new boyfriend. Things get twisted very soon. Directed by, Raaj Basu, this show stars, Sunita Rajput. This was released on 1st August 2023.

The Watchman

The watchman deals with a watchman who works in a fancy building complex. As he feels attracted to three women at once, he tries to seduce them using his charm paired with a mysterious plan. Directed by Sachin Agarwal, this show stars Priya Gamre. This show was released on 31st January 2023.

Dream Girl

Dream Girl tells the story of a young Rani who finds a magic book that fulfils her fantasies each night with someone different. This series stars Pooja Poddar as Rani. Directed by, Raifee, this show was released on 16th May 2023

These are likely to be topping the app, making it a must watch if you are of the legal age.

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