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Viral Animal Video: Crocodile brutally attacks giant Python in deadly fight, watch the outcome

Viral Animal Video: The word ‘snake’ can make anyone feel scared. Even a snakelet can create fear in humans. Whereas crocodiles are big reptiles with strong jaws which mostly live in water. Videos of animal fights are very viral on social media, which users like to watch very much. But the clash of snakes and crocodiles is rarely seen. A video is going viral on Instagram in which the fight between Python and Crocodile is being seen. Viewers are sure to be in for a surprise after watching the video of the fight between Python and Crocodile.

Watch viral video

In this video shared by d_shrestha10, a giant python and a powerful crocodile are seen having a deadly fight. In the beginning, the python definitely tried to catch the crocodile but he could not succeed in staying for long. The crocodile jerked the snake several times by pressing it in the mouth. After this, the snake could not last long in front of the crocodile, finally the fight ended with the death of the snake.

Netizens react to video

One wrote, “Feeding python to a croc is unfair.” Another wrote, “Are sabko jine ka hq h yr aise time me insaan ho ya janwr agr possible ho to sbse request hai bcha diye kro taki sb apni jindagi ji ske.” One of them wrote, “Bacha nhi skta… Video bnana h bs…..”

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