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Viral Animal Video: Eagle pounces on a bird trying to steal food, watch to know what happens next

A video of an eagle attacking a bird trying to steal its food is going viral. Viewers are laughing and shocked as the eagle baited the bird. Check out the Video and the Reactions.

Viral Animal Video: People on the internet enjoy watching animal videos, which are widely available. These videos display the amazing, risky, and entertaining abilities of animals that are popular online. One of the biggest and toughest birds in the sky is the eagle. A human’s grasp and vision are both 10-8 times weaker than those of an eagle. It’s fascinating to see the current viral video of an eagle battling a bird.

About the Viral Video

The Viral Video shows the two birds fighting for food, one tries to steal the food, and the other one tries to save it. The adorable but also breathtaking. When the bird is trying to steal the food, the eagle attacks the bird. To save itself, the bird take a step back as it will be dangerous.

The fight was concluded as the eagle win and protected its food. The people who are making this video are also shocked by the sudden movement of the eagle. It was also shocking and amusing for the viewers.

Reaction on the Video

The viral video is claimed to be of Australia, Featherdale Wildlife Park. There are many reactions to the video. One wrote, ‘He baited the bird knowing the bird was going to go for it and dropped it to set him up.. simply genius,’ Another wrote, ‘It’s evident that the eagle was baiting the other bird. What’s fascinating is the timing and precision of the attack. What a predatory genius!’ Another comment stated, ‘I love how he put the food back down and dared him to try that again (laughing emoji).’

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