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Viral Video: Amusing! Pakistani man carries donkey on his back for THIS strange reason, Netizens can’t stop giggling

Viral Video: Everyone must have seen donkey carrying cargo or humans even. This is also the reason why some keep them as pets. Donkeys are also known for doing their work at best. Their maintenance and food expenses are also quite low, which is what makes them more productive. This animal is one that is referred to be the most forgiving creature in the entire universe since it does not even fuss and follows the owner’s instructions when carrying luggage, no matter how much of a load is placed upon it. Some also use them as rides, however, a different kind of story has now gone viral.

Viral video shows man carrying donkey

A donkey can be seen in this video riding on the back of a person and climbing onto the bus. Everybody was surprised by this sight. You can see in the video that a man is attempting to get the donkey onto the bus’ roof by climbing up a ladder that is located on the bus stop. The donkey was on his back, which is what makes it unique. In order to prevent the donkey’s balance from collapsing and it from falling, someone else was holding its legs from behind at the same time.

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This hilarious incident took place at a bus stop in Pakistan. You must have seen people riding donkeys as they went about their daily lives, but you probably never saw a donkey on a person’s back.

Watch the viral video here:

The caption for this amusing video that was posted on the social media site Twitter under the handle @HasnaZarooriHai reads, “You must have heard and seen the saying of a man sitting on a donkey, now see a donkey sitting on a man. Everything is possible in Pakistan.”

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This 30-second video has already received more than 31,000 views, and hundreds of people have also liked it and left several comments. While others joked that “the donkey is riding the donkey,” others claimed it to be ” a historical moment.”

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