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Viral Video: Going for the Gold! Marmots Try Their Hand at Curling, Watch The Intense Battle for Perfection

Marmots trying their hand at curling create a social media trend that is delighting millions of people.

Viral Video

Viral Video: Social media is a constant source of viral videos. We frequently see humorous videos on our stream. The animal viral video is one of the funniest parts of them. Animals’ comical antics make us all smile.

Marmots Embrace the Sport of Curling on Social Media

On social media, a similar video is becoming very popular. We can observe some marmots curling in this video. Actually, the game of curling involves sliding stones across an ice surface towards a goal area divided by four concentric rings. It is comparable to shuffleboard, boules, and bowling.

Millions Flock to Watch Marmots Try Their Hand at Curling

This video gets 9.1 million views on X (Twitter) and 111.6k likes. People are watching this video because of the amusing marmots participating in the sport of curling. We can say that this is unique to curling.

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