Viral Video: Inhuman Condition! Extreme Overcrowding in Chhattisgarh Express Coach, Safety Concerns Raised, Watch

Learn about the difficulties encountered on the Chhattisgarh Express (Train No. 18237) as portrayed in a widely shared film, which has prompted calls for railway reforms to alleviate crowding and improve passenger comfort.

Viral Video

Viral Video: The deplorable circumstances on board the Chhattisgarh Express (train number 18237) were brought to the attention of both passengers and railway authorities by Sachin Gupta in a recent Twitter tweet. Severe overcrowding difficulties were highlighted by the tweet’s accompanying video, which showed crammed cabins with passengers sleeping on seats, floors, and even in the aisles.

Advocating for Low-Income Passengers

In addition to bringing attention to the uncomfortable conditions faced by passengers, Gupta’s article urged the Railway Minister to give the needs of passengers from low-income backgrounds top priority. Many others agreed, calling for quick action to solve the shortage of coaches on trains serving lower-class passengers.

The call for more coaches and better facilities is not new. It is a reflection of a persistent problem with India’s railway system, which is train overcrowding, which is especially problematic for lengthy trips. Because of the tight spaces, passengers frequently experience discomfort and decreased safety.

Highlighting Urgent Reforms

The video acts as a sharp reminder of the urgent need for extensive reforms in India’s railway industry as it keeps making the rounds on social media. Maintaining the safety and dignity of every train passenger requires policymakers to prioritize addressing congestion and improving passenger comfort. Video has beenposted on Twitter by Sachin Gupta.

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