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Viral Video: Pitbull dog performing amazing things with a football; netizens shocked, watch video

Viral Video: You must have viewed a lot of dog videos on social media. The cuteness of dogs in videos frequently wins everyone’s heart. Dogs are one of the adorable animals, and it’s entertaining to watch their incredibly cute antics. Dogs are kept by people all over the world. These pet dogs are quickly taught and trained. They stands out because of this ability. The video of one such dog is going viral on social media these days.

Viral Video of Dog

The Twitter account @buitengebieden frequently posts amazing animal videos. Recently, this account posted a video of dog which is trending on Twitter. In this viral video, a dog is seen playing football in a park. As soon as the video begins, we see a park with a dog in it. This black and white dog is seen having a good time, and he begins playing cheerfully as soon as his owner throws the football at him. The dog begins by throwing the football with his mouth upwards on one, and then he begins balancing the football by placing it in front of his mouth. This dog’s talent is truly amazing. Watch video here:

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About Video

For uninitiated, this video has generated more than 1.9M views with 73.5K likes. While over 7k people has retweeted the video. People are lavishing their love on this amazing viral video and sharing it rapidly. Many people have provided feedback by commenting.

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