Viral Video: Shameful! Pakistani Cricket Expert Lunges Ahead to Hit His Wife on YouTube Live, Netizen Says ‘Chappal Kaha Hai Meri’

Pakistani Viral Video

Viral Video: A recent YouTube Live session featuring Pakistani cricket expert Mohsin Ali has gone viral, but not for the reasons he might have hoped. The video, which has garnered significant attention and sparked debate online, captures a seemingly disturbing incident involving Ali and his wife.

Mid-Show Disruption and a Raised Hand

During the live discussion, a woman’s voice can be heard interrupting the conversation. Ali then rises from his seat and makes a gesture that appears to be an attempt to strike someone off-camera. While some viewers initially found the situation humorous, others raised serious concerns about potential domestic violence.

Check out the vral video here:

Ali’s Explanation and Online Reactions

Ali has since defended his actions, claiming that his wife was the one who attempted to intervene in the session and that his 31-year marriage proves his respect for women. However, this explanation hasn’t quelled the online debate, with many viewers finding Ali’s reaction problematic and others dismissing it as a harmless misunderstanding.

Public Reaction to the Viral Video

The viral video has divided netizens, with some expressing amusement at the perceived “hilarious” moment, while others voice their discomfort and disapproval of Ali’s behavior. One user humorously labels the behavior as that of a “professional domestic abuser,” Another user criticizes the irony of Ali thanking Allah for respecting his wife after the apparent attempt to hit her, “Biwi ko marke bol reha hh ki Allah ka shukr hai ki hum biwi ko respect karte hai”.

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