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Viral Video: What happens when a snake bites you? This footage has an answer to that | Must watch

Viral Video: Reptiles are dangerous and widely feared, especially the snakes. Seeing reptiles from a distance as well can be spine-chilling for many. A recent Twitter post featured one of these chilling videos. The video has become very popular because it demonstrates how snake venom affects blood.

Viral video shows the deadly effect

“Effect of snake venom on blood!” was the caption on the video shared by “Oddly Terrifying.” In a vile, a snake-catcher is seen in the 41-second video gathering snake venom. Then, a man takes some of the venoms from the syringe and injects a drop of the venom into a small glass of blood. Following that, he thoroughly mixes the blood and venom together.

It is then found that the snake venom totally clots the blood, turning it into a glob as soon as the guy drops the blood on it. The lump of clots in the blood shows how the poison from a snake can kill a person or any other animal. After entering the bloodstream, the venom clogs it, gradually leading to a stroke.

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Netizen explains the difference

The video has garnered over 13 lakh likes since it was posted. More than 26,000 people have liked it, and the number is still growing. Individuals shared their opinions in the comments.

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A user explained by saying, “Not all snake venom is the same. Some are hemotoxic (affecting the blood as seen in the video), Proteolytic (breaks down tissue), neurotoxic (attacking neurons, causes paralysis. often a “painless” bite) and cytotoxic which attacks and breaks down cells (found mainly in cobras).”

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